Free the Animal, Resistant Starch, and my N=1 experiment

Wow, Zij doet ook een RS experiment !!! Spannend om te zien hoe het zich ontwikkeld.

Crop Circles in the Carpet

I’ve been commenting on the Free The Animal site recently, and my comments were blogged about by Richard N, the proprietor of that blog. HERE is his post. I am going to take all my comments over a couple of threads and roll them into one long post here. It’s really long but it lays out the whole thing. My life has improved immensely using resistant starch.

Here’s my first set:

I have what might seem a silly question. Is a (non insulin or diabetes drug-using) person still technically a T2 diabetic if they eat a few of tbs of potato starch a day, prepare their starches to maximize RS, along side eating mostly Perfect Health Diet-style (plus beans and occasionally bread) for a few months and their blood glucose reading goes from difficult to keep under 200 to under 100 almost all the time? That’s me.

I was following…

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One thought on “Free the Animal, Resistant Starch, and my N=1 experiment

  1. Michelle is 47 jaar. Vorige zomer is zij gediagnostiseerd voor diabetes.
    Het is op z’n minst opmerkelijk te noemen, dat ik haar nu tegenkom. Bezig met haar RS experiment.
    Ik was precies ook 47 jaar toen bij mij diabetes werd geconstateerd.
    Een “Back to the Future” ervaring. Haar weg kan heel anders verlopen als de mijne. Cool !!!


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